Dr. Bilal A.Tarin
Professor & Head of the Department

Anatomy is the oldest medical discipline, encompasses the study of biological structure at various levels.

The curriculum of Anatomy covers all aspects of cell biology, Gross and Microscopic Anatomy, Embryology and Neuro-anatomy. The study of cell biology includes light and electron microscopic structures and function of cells with special reference to membranes, organelles, inclusions, metabolism, transport, division, growth, aging and cell specialization. Gross Anatomy covers the study of structure and functions of human organ systems and their relation to each other. Practical experience would be gained by dissection of human body and study with the help of models, specimens, charts and histologic slides would help the students to develop clear concepts of Anatomy. The study of Embryology covers the principles of reproduction, foetal growth and development with explanation of various structural relationships in the human body and etiology of developmental anomalies. The study of Neuro-anatomy covers the basic principles of organization and functions of nervous system.

Model section is equipped with various imported plastic models and the models made by the students. These models show the arrangement and organization of various body organs and structures. The models are helpful for medical and dental students. The audiovisual section has various video films showing the methods of dissection and demonstrates the different parts of body. Audiovisual section also has the slides and transparencies of gross anatomy, embryology, histology and Neuro-anatomy, Bone Bank has many articulated and non-articulated skeletons. Bones are issued to students through bone bank.