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Dr. Muhammad Shafique Fateh
Professor & Head of Department

Biochemistry holds a key position in the curricula of medical colleges and is one of the basic principal science subjects for first professional medical students. Biochemistry is being transformed with astonishing rapidity and current efflorescence in the knowledge in this subject has necessitated that it should be learned separately from Physiology. A sound and comprehensive learning of Biochemistry helps a medical student to understand Medicine and Pathology clearly and precisely.

Biochemistry is very important in the modern era because it deals with the study of chemical processes which are taking place in the living organisms. It also deals with the study of structure of cellular components and their biomedical importance like macro & micronutrients, Enzymes and hormones etc. Biochemistry plays and important role in determining the ancestors and descendants on the basics of same biochemical phenomenology. It is also important to bring innovations in medical sciences because it deals with chemistry of internal processes at molecular level, inside human body. Extra ordinary advances, biomedical genetics and genetic engineering together with their social implications are already matters of wide public interest.

All in all, biochemistry is a sphere of utmost importance for understanding life itself and making world a better place to live because of decreased incidence of morbidity and mortality.