A detailed and meaningful study of biochemistry necessitates a well developed laboratory that provides its workers with the opportunity of  analyzing satisfactorily what has been learnt by theoretical exercises. A feature of development of instrumentation is the availability of a range of quite different pieces of equipment for the determination of a given analyte, thus providing a reasonable platform for research tendency.  Biochemistry laboratory of MM &DC has been established keeping the same purpose in mind. It has been supplied with all the possibly required logistics that also include some of the very sophisticated gismos . Additionally, a highly trained staff  brings the overall lab. performance  at  par with the demands of  modern era.

Some of the procedures whose prerequisites have been provided here include qualitative and quantitative analysis of carbohydrates lipids and proteins,  biochemical analysis of diagnostically imperative   body fluids e.g urine, cerebrospinal fluid etc, and  utilization of  spectrophotometry, calorimetry and electrophoresis.  The laboratory also provides  first aid and fire-fighting equipment in consultation with the fire protection service. Equipment is easily approachable at all the  times and is not obstructed. The major escape routes from the Lab. are clearly marked and  kept unobstructed. Ample ventilation has been provided to prevent accumulation of toxic & flammable vapours. Hence the Biochemistry laboratory of MM & DC is in accordance with the requirements of contemporary age.