Dental Materials

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Aims and scope of the science of dental materials, structure and behaviour of materials, important physical properties applicable to dental materials including their biological considerations.

Gypsum products used in dentistry including investment materials with or without gypsum. Impression materials used in dentistry including casting materials.

Synthetic resins used in dentistry:

  1. General properties and physical characteristics.
  2. Resins as denture based materials, repair and reline materials, soft liners, tissues conditioners.
  3. Resins as restorative materials; unfilled and filled resin restorative materials, tissue sealant.
  4. Direct bonding cement materials.

Metals and Alloys:

Their structure and behaviour and some important physical properties:

  • Dental amalgam alloys.
  • Dental casting gold alloys.
  • Gold foll.
  • Stainless steel chrome cobalt alloys.

Dental waxes including inlay casting wax:

Gold inlay casting procedure; preparation of die, Wax pattern, spruing, investing control of shrink compensation. Wax elimination, casting machines, defects in castings.

Welding and soldering materials used:

Dental Cements Classification, composition, manipulation, properties and uses:

  • Zinc Cements, copper cements, Zinc Oxide, Eugenol cements, Silicate cements,
  • Cavity liners, cavity varnishers, Resin Cement.
  • Dental porcelain including porcelain fused to metal.
  • Procelain Furnace and fusing.
  • Mechanics of tooth cuttings, burs and points.

Abrasive and polishing agents. Die & counter die materials including electroforming & electro polishing. Practicals and demonstrations to be arranged in the manipulation of the more common materials.