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This course is divided into pre-clinical and clinical Operative techniques. Pre-clinical Operative Techniques is taught during the second year on Phantom Heads.

The course is:

  • Cavity preparation on extracted or artificial teeth according to the Black’s Classification.
  • Class II cavity preparation in an extracted molar for silver amalgam restoration, matrix band application, amalgam plugging and finishing.
  • Class III cavity for gold foil: Class IV cavity for central incisor on a cusped for self cure synthetic restoration, Class V cavity in a cusped or an incisor for silicate or composite restoration, MOD, Cavity in a premolar for inlay.
  • Direct wax pattern of MOD investing, casting and finishing of inlay.
  • Copper ring impression of MOD, investing, casting and finishing.
  • Cavity toilet.

Further details of the Course are:

Examination and Diagnosis:

Reception of the patients in the dental chairs, position of the operator, filling of the dental chart and sterilization of the instruments. Brief medical and sterilization of the instruments. Brief medical history and detailed dental examination technique. Principles of conservative Dentistry: Rubber Dam and its application.

Cavity Preparation:

Black’s classification of cavities, steps in cavity preparation, cavities for amalgam restoration, for plastic restoration for inlays.

Control of saliva during cavity preparation

Elimination of pain. Types and application of different matrices. Selection of suitable restorative materials. Design of restoration.

Composition and manipulation of different filling materials such as gold foil, silver amalgam, silicate  cement, composite materials, porcelain, dental cement, zinc-oxide and gutta percha, inlays, gold and other metals: Cavity preparation, manipulation of casting finishing and cementing of inlays.