Oral & Maxillary Surgery

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Lectures and demonstrations comprising the following:

Diagnosis of disease, injuries and defects of jaws, associated structure and oral cavity, oral facial and neck infections: acute, chronic and specific infections, their surgical relationship, diagnosis and treatment. Traumatic injuries of teeth, alveolar processes jaws, facial skeleton and soft-tissue.

  • First aid management and treatment
  • Shock, Hemorrhage: Prevention and treatment
  • Surgical accidents, complications associated with oral surgery: avoidance and treatment
  • Diseases of salivary glands
  • Diagnosis and treatment
  • Disorders of tempromandibular joint; diagnosis and treatment of oral and facial pain
  • Introduction of dental/surgical instruments
  • Sterilization
  • Preparation of patients for surgical procedures and their post-operative care
  • Exodontia: Simple and complicated extractions
  • Oral Surgery for dental prosthesis, and as an aid for periodontal and orthodontic treatment
  • Apicetomy
  • Surgical treatment of cysts and nonmalignant tumours of oral cavity
  • Oral malignancies, their diagnosis and management

Development of deformities of the jaws (pragmatism micrognatha cleft lip, cleft plate, etc,) management and surgical treatment.