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Concept and Objective

Multan has the distinction of being one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, rivaling, Athens, Mesopotamia and other cradles of civilization. Some historians are also certain that it was at Multan (called Mai-us-than at that time) that Alexander suffered the wounds that forced him to turn back, thus modifying history forever. The birthplace of Baba Farid Shakarganj and Ahmad Shah Abdali, Multan has also been the religious capital of this area for several centuries, attracting saints like Baha-ud-Din Zakariya and Pir Shams Sabzwari. On more worldly level, Multan has been always on the cross roads of history, Multan has been prominent in the empires of Muhammad Bin Qasim, Mahmood Ghaznavi, Subuktagin Aibak and many more. It has been called the meadows of gold by Al-Masudi and the house of gold by Muhammad Bin Qasim.

Why a medical college? Why in Multan? These are questions that might be asked.

No doubt, in addition to its historical heritage, Multan today occupies the geographic centre of Pakistan, easily accessible by air, land and rail. Despite its historical and cultural importance, Multan unfortunately suffered from neglect during the last half century or so. Although Nishtar Medical College was the first institution of higher learning after independence in the area, further investment in human resource development was very slow and much has than the city and south Punjab to suffer. Multan Medical and Dental College has been developed as a state of the art medical institution imparting accredited and approved medical education and research. Ibne-Seina Hospital and Research Institute which will be a research oriented teaching hospital will fulfill the requirement of training and research of medical students. The curriculum of Multan Medical and Dental College will be quite in line with the PM&DC regulations and international health standards in, producing community and research oriented doctors who will be competent to deal with the common health problems of the people in a scientifically sound and cost effective manner, using the appropriate technology and holistic approach. Its graduates will be able to assume leadership in a health care team and will communicate effectively as a good clinician in accordance with the code of medical ethics.